Koolin' Klothz

  • Get it wet to make it work.
  • Keep it wet to keep it cool.
  • Wave it in the air to cool it.
  • Keeps drying as long as it is wet.  Yes Drying!  Just wring
    it out and dry some more.
  • Wildland firefighters use them to keep cool on the job.
  • Put the Koolin' Du on your head to keep your head cool &
    to absorb sweat.
  • Put the kloth across your lap in your vehicle to block the
    sun from your lap.
  • Use for First Aid: as a cool pack or to absorb blood ( it
    rinses clean)
  • Use the Koolin' Safety Blanket to cool overheated people
    or pets.
  • Take to ballgames to stay cool on the field or in the
    stands, esp. with the Koolin' Kap Inserts.
  • Take to the gym for working out and after showering.
  • Take camping, hiking and fishing.
  • Take to the swimming pool, lake or beach.
  • Use to soak up spills or messes.
  • Wash your vehicle inside and out.
  • Use Koolin' Klothz instead of terry cloth towels in the RV.
  • They are great for vacation or travel whenever you have
    limited space.
  • Give one to a friend or graduate.
  • They work great for migraines!  They cool the blood
    vessels on the back of the neck.
  • For anyone who works or plays in the heat!
  • Chefs or cooks in restaurants wear Koolin' Du for sweat
    absorption.  Great for B-B-Q cookoffs too!
  • Dishwashers working over hot dishes
  • Yard work
  • Construction workers
  • Motorcycle and bicycle riders use them during and after
    the ride.
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