I want to thank you for developing such a
fantastic product.  I purchased my Kool
Kloth last year at fire school and it has
traveled across the country with me from
fire to fire.  When it is hot, I pull it out,
swing it around and put it on.  The looks
and comments start right away.  What is
that?  After I demonstrate how it works, its
a fight to get it back.  My Koolin' Kloth is
durable and after a wash it looks as good
as new.  Thank you for making me the
Koolest guy on the fire.
Joey H.
Black Hills Natl. Forest  SD
Capital Area Wildfire Academy
The Koolin' Klothz made the difference between
a serious heat case becoming one that was
resolved with a very positive outcome, their
benefit in the field is, I think, obvious.
Jim Davis, Safety Officer
(The Koolin' Safety Blanket)
I was being taken to the hospital Emergency Room
for possible heat stroke.  I am almost a free
bleeder, and on that day the nurses could not
draw blood due to unexpectedly getting
overheated and to the dehydration of the body
cells.  During dehydration, the body cells constrict,
and as we are mostly water, the blood cells
constrict and the blood flow becomes restricted.  
This reduce the body temperature.  Koolin' Klothz
used as directed reduces the body temperature.  I
was told to stay out of the sun for a week.  Being
an owner/operator of an asphalt paving and dirt
work company, that was an impossible order.  I
realized I needed something to keep my body
temperature down.  I requested a vest with Koolin'
Klothz and a Koolin' Du.  I used this during the
extreme heat of the summer.  It was immeasurably
valuable to me in keeping my body temperature
down.  The Koolin' Du worked best when wearing
a hard hat that allowed air circulation.
I kept my cell phone in my pocket under my vest,
and when I took it out, it was noticeably cooler too.
I highly recommend this product to any heat
sensitive person.
Kirk Martin
Whether you're in the heat for business or
sport, Koolin' Klothz will keep you calm, cool
and collected.  As Skeet referees, we spend
our weekends in some of the hottest
conditions imaginable.  Thank you Koolin'
Klothz for the big impact of such a simple
Your Texas Skeet Referees
You may remember me from the capital Assistant
blankets kept me from a hospital trip during the
2004 academy.  They are now standard issue in
my department's first responder bags and have in
my department's first responder bags and have
been used successfully on several different
occasions.  We no longer carry unreliable
chemical ice packs and have used your klothz
with 100 + degree tank water and have had
excellent results.  Thanks again for a fantastic
KB Hallmark
Assistant Chief, EMT-P
SHVFD - Texas
Copyright 2001-2018
Koolin' Klothz, Etc. All rights reserved.
Trap shooter at the Grand American Trap Shoot in Spart, IL.
I was told by one of the trap shooters at the Grand, "I have been wearing this
Koolin' Du for the last four days.  I have shot better, been able to stay out longer
to shoot, been able to enjoy my friends at the end of the day, and been able to
get up the next day to go enjoy it all over again!
Many of the firefighters that helped us to develop the Koolin' Du, reported that not only
did the Koolin' Du help to keep their head cool, but it also helped to keep the sweat out of
their eyes, which was a whole separate safety issue they faced.  We have made these
products to help people to be safe and comfortable while they work or play.  We want
you to be able to go home at the end of the day and enjoy your family!