Koolin' Kloth Sizes

Colors Available:  Yellow  Blue  Green  Purple  Red

Koolin' Klothz          27" x 8.5"   
( Lays over your neck)            $14.00
Dryin' Klothz             13" x 17"    
(Great size for drying)             $14.00
Koolin' Kamp Towel 13" x 8.5"   
(Compact size for your bag)     $ 7.00
                        (patent pending on our products)                                     
Head / Neck Bands
One size with double snaps
Solid Color Koolin' Kloth Bands                              $20.00

Koolin' Vest.
Prices vary according to size.
SM - XL $200.00
XXL $225.00
XXXL  $250.00

Koolin' Durags & Bandana
Koolin' Du (Du rag)                               $30.00
Extreme Koolin' Du                               $50.00
(covers top of ears and neck)          
Koolin' Angle 22"  
Bandana                    $14.00

Hard Hat & Baseball Cap Inserts
See pictures to the left
Koolin' Kap Inserts                               $20.00
Koolin' Klothz Hard Hat Sweatband    $20.00
Koolin' Hard Hat Inserts                       $25.00

Koolin' Safety Blanket
27" x 34"  Solid Colors                     $45.00

Solid Colors for Koolin' Klothz Neckbands
Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple

These products are durable and washable.
They can be used time and time again.
I still have the first ones I started with several
years ago!

These are sewn in the USA.

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