If you are responsible for employee's safety, these are a
must in the heat of work.  It is safer for employees to be
cool and comfortable doing the jobs that they do.  Koolin'
Klothz will help protect them from heat exhaustion.  When
your employees are cooler, they are more productive,
happier, healthier and safer.

COST EFFECTIVENESS:  Gel Neckbands / Koolin' Klothz

The gel or beaded neckband need to be soaked in cool
water for 15-45 minutes before use.  They swell with the
water and are heavy around the neck.  To recharge them,
you have to soak them back in cold water, or put them in the
ice chest, refrigerator or freezer.  They sometimes will leak
out onto your skin.  You cannot wash them in the washing
machine to clean them.  When you use soap to wash them,
they absorb the soap. They are disposable after just a few
uses if for that long.  They go back to our land fills.

Koolin' Klothz can be used with hot or cold water.  They cool
within one minute.  They are absorbent to keep sweat out of
the eyes.  They are washable and durable.  They are lighter
weight and dry with hardly any weight to them at all.  They
last for years.

Please call us with any questions or suggestions.  That is
how we have built our products.  Someone had a need for
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