Hi There!

My name is Cindy Reavis Komechak.
I have come across a product that has been very beneficial to anyone who
does anything in the heat.  It is called a Koolin' Kloth.  They are not
bandanas with the beads in them and you do not have to put them in ice
cold water to make them work.  You can even put hot water on them, wave
them in the air and they cool right down.  They are also great for drying.  
I used them in my dog grooming business for drying the dogs off, cleaning
cages and spills.  They are great for travelers, any sports activities, or
anyone who works or plays in the heat.

The Koolin' Kloth is a very durable, pva towel.  The Koolin' Kloth is
textured on one side for more surface area to cool out fast.  Also when you
keep this side against your skin, it allows more airflow between you and
the kloth.

In my dog grooming shop they save me so much money.  I only use one
kloth all day for drying the dogs, be it Chihuahuas or Chows.  Just dry the
dog and wring out the kloth and dry some more!  You can nearly
completely dry a dog with these klothz.  I do not wash and dry towels all
day...I don't dry the dogs under the  dryers for as long...and I don't have to
cool my facilities down after using all those heating elements.  That is a lot
of electricity.  Not to mention, where does all that laundry soap from
washing all those terry cloth towels go?  Back into our environment!  And
we all know how long it takes to dry towels in the dryer.  At the end of the
day, just run the Koolin' Kloth through a quick wash cycle in the washer,
then lay it out to dry.  The next day just get it wet, wring it out, and start
drying all over again.  The Koolin' Kloth is very durable and will last a
long time.  I use a separate kloth for cleaning crates and cages.  With the
Koolin' Kloth, your grooming shop will be cleaner and more efficient!  

It's compact, convenient size and it's absorbent power make it the only
towel you will need for any job!

Our new bands come in different colors and prints.  When they heat up to
you on one side, just roll them over.  The outside edge will be cool where it
has been exposed to the air.  Just add more water when needed.

The Koolin' Du comes in different colors.  They are very absorbent and
keep the sweat out of your eyes.  They will heat up to you after a while, but
cool quickly when waved in the air or when you have a breeze blow by.  
They are also great for padding under hardhats!

The Koolin' Kap Inserts are made to fit inside your baseball cap or inside
your cowboy hat.  These are made to fit under the sweat band in the hats
and caps.  Whenever you change caps, just pull out the insert and place it
in your new cap!

The Koolin' Safety Blanket is used to cool overheated bodies.  The blanket
will pull the heat off of the body very rapidly.  They are great for rehab for
These products will help you stay cool while you work or play in the
heat, but you still need to drink plenty of water and heed any warning
signs of heat stress.
Get medical attention as soon as possible if you show any
signs of heat stroke!

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